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Our Objectivies

Treating patients and promote health, in addition to improve quality of life with all available and possible academic approaches. Furthermore create proactive and preventive wellbeing life style

To achieve World Health Organization (WHO) balanced health definition as promotion and maintenance of the highest degree of physical, mental and social wellbeing with the best sustainable healthy methods.

  • Healthzone
  • Healthzone
  • Healthzone

Improve private and governmental working environment health and safety, and limit the work Hazards. Use the scientific approach and benchmarking experience of occupational medicine to diagnose occupational diseases.

Identify all work Physical, Chemical, Mechanical, Ergonomical, Biological, and Psychological Hazards and implement all preventive measures to protect the workers, in sustainable balance to improve productivity to move forward with nation industry and economy.

Utilizing safest scientific and technical facilities to improve primary and public health through limiting occupational diseases which have negative impact on companies and government economy.

Working on creating comprehensive medical center for pre-employment, pre-placement, and periodic medical checkups for workers as proactive tool for early diagnoses and identification of high risk work health hazards, and limit it by planning for strategic environmental and medical prevention for proper personal protective equipment’s.

Employ additional physicians, nurses and technicians in all specialties that serve Health Zone MC objectives according to the National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA).

Create specialized scientific and technical training sessions in this field.

Health education through conducting lectures, seminars, workshops, and conferences. Implements recommendations to train and improve workers perceptional awareness culture for work hazards and health risk assessment and promote health and safety in all work places. Learning the best possible methods to adopt and control chronic diseases of workers and continue working in harmony and sustainable wellbeing especially for old and senior workers for longer period and utilize their experience and tacit knowledge to train the new generations.

Create projects for continuous quality improvement, and clinical governance for health and safety of workers at work places and imbedding proper planning and control for health risk prevention of health hazards at work environment.

Continuous health education in the field of occupational medicine and benchmarking with the surrounding counters, and with the international expertise, and attend conferences to update and improve the knowledge.

Conduct agreements with companies that seek our services based on their work environment, and based on the nature of their structure, process, and outcome (SPO).

Health Zone MC management has the right to conduct agreements or share the service with any institute performs similar activates, that accomplish our aim and objectives through partnership or through buying the services or joint venture.